Little Bird
Lo Que No Me Mata, Me Alimenta
Kendra Azari

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      Kendra Azari is a Seattle born artist, mother activist, art educator and life student. She has had a  passion for art from a young age and has dedicated her life  to bringing beauty to her community. She draws inspiration from her Persian heritage, the beauty of women, spirituality, her search for inner peace and Mother Nature. She has a passion for public art and community connection.



                                         A message from Kendra           


     My greatest joy in life is creation and I work hard to have it be a part of my existence and  lifes purpose. Art is a driving force in my life and I strive to live in a world filled with creativity, beauty and expression. I believe that art takes us on a healing journey to guide us to our destiny. In my eyes, creating art is an opportunity to engage with people on a different level and inspire change, growth and understanding. I believe public art is the most effective way to achieve this. I wish to inspire with my artwork and help others reach their creative goals. My vision is connection, acceptance and understanding through artistic expression.


     Along with my love of the arts, I have a passion for social justice and social change.

After working in social services with the homeless communities of Seattle for several years, I decided to quit my job and take the next step towards my destiny. I began to pursue my art career full time and went back to school to finish my Bachelors degree. My dream to follow my destiny by connecting art and social justice as my career path is possible with the help of my supporters. I love and appreciate every one of you and your support.

          With Love and Creativity,

               Kendra Azari



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