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Fine Art Murals, Community Murals and Youth Murals

"original works of art created for your space and inspired by your vision"


Fine Art Murals

Fine Art Murals are original works of art created for your space and inspired by your vision. These murals are one of a kind and can add a creative vibe to any venue. Your mural can be designed to enhance your space, brand your business and inspire viewers.

Coloring Book, collaborative, community 


youth murals

"strengthen community ties and bonds"

Community murals are designed to engage the community and give everyone an opportunity to get involved. These murals are made by outlining simple shapes and working with the community to fill in the shapes with bright colors. Also called Coloring Book Murals, this is the perfect project for youth to get involved and explore their artistic abilities. These murals can

be completed by artists of all ages and experience levels. Coloring Book and Community Murals are perfect for schools, after school programs, youth

groups and neighborhoods looking to strengthen community ties and bonds.

"connect with community and share my passion for creation."


Community Connection

Community is everything to me. Working with youth groups, community groups and local schools gives me an opportunity to connect with community and share my passion for creation. This gives everybody an chance to discover their artistic abilities freely by participating in an art event with me.

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