The Importance of Creation.

Updated: Jul 9, 2019

We must continue to create to keep the world going.

Sometimes it's hard to stay inspired to create. At times it can be difficult to stay on top of yourself to create. This is where self discipline, dedication, and open mindedness come in.

Finding Inspiration

"I find inspiration in my surroundings."

Being an artist means finding inspiration everywhere, but sometimes its hard to stay inspired with all of the daily stresses we all face. I fine it beneficial to me to look around me to find what I need to keep creating. I find inspiration in my surroundings: sometimes its a snail I meet on my daily walk, other times is an interaction with a beautiful soul, and of course my relationships with my loved ones. Each source of inspiration drives me to create.

Creating from Your Soul

I find that when I try to create something that I think people will like, I end up not being happy with the result. This is because its not from the soul, its from the ego. Have you ever heard the saying, the way to be dope AF is to turn on the soul and turn off the ego? I can't agree with this more. When you create from your soul you are tapping into the deepest part of yourself to express what you feel, how you see the world, and your convictions. This is when true magic happens, this is how you make connections with people you have never met.

Have Designated Time and Space for Creation.

“Make time for my craft.”

Before I had a space designated for my artwork I felt like creating was a chore. This is when I knew something had to change. I realized I was feeling this way because every time I sat down to create I couldn't find the tools I needed. When I made the change, it was only a day later that I started a piece that set off a series representing enlightenment. This was a turning point for me: now I didn't have any excuse not to strive to be greatest I could be.

I was still busy with daily family life and I couldn't figure out how to find time to create. It wasn't until my Partner Gerald reminded me I had to make time for my craft. I had to remember that art and creation was part of my self care. With that, I was able to make it one of my priorities.

Allow Vulnerability and Be Brave

To create is to inspire, and to inspire is to be willing to be vulnerable. This can be a challenge sometimes. This means you have to be willing to show the depths of yourself and be okay if people don't like what they see. You know what I have to say to that? That's okay! Not everyone is going to be moved or inspired by everything you do, but you have to be brave enough to put it out there for those who are.

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